Point, Click, Drag: Designing the Digital Interface
Stephanie Castilla
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Digital user experiences are a part of our everyday lives, shaping our realities and taking us to new levels of productivity and connectedness.  
In this hands-on studio, students will explore how designers create digital services and products that are easy to use and solve real-world problems. In two initial projects, one independent and one group-based, students will develop interaction design skills such as research, concept development, interface sketching, interactive prototyping, and user testing. For the third and final project, students will choose to work independently or in groups to develop a digital service or product of their choosing. This project will culminate in the final presentation of a "looks-like” interactive prototype and a video that illustrates the intended user experience. By the end of the course, students will have the skills needed to bring web, mobile, and ubiquitous digital user experiences from concept to reality.

Open to graduate students, seniors, juniors in Graphic Design. Non-majors and Brown students may email instructor for permission. No prerequisites.
Lab fee: $