From Pulp to Print
Suzi Cozzens
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A critical component of all art and design practice is an awareness and understanding of paper types, finishes, textures, weights, printing compatibility, specifications, size, fiber selection, project appropriateness, and other qualities. In this course, students will research the science and technology of papermaking, addressing methods, equipment, and materials from antiquity to today.

The first part of the course includes an in-depth investigation of fibers (plant, half-stuff and recycled) used in the formation of paper. Additionally, students will create an individual paper archive combining their own handmade sheets with commercially available examples and sources.

After an understanding of the nuances of various pulps and techniques, students will experiment with letterpress, digital printing, and other reproduction methods, building an awareness of what is possible.

The second part of the course includes the design and fabrication of hybrid books in which paper, printing, and content are melded together to create innovative design solutions.

Open to graduate students, seniors, juniors in Graphic Design. Non-majors and Brown students may email instructor for permission. No prerequisites.
Lab fee: $