Digital Printing Techniques
Angela Torchio
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This workshop provides students with an introduction to the use of digital fabrication tools and an overview of their applications in both art and design. The course also functions as a gateway to Co-Works. Through technical demos and class projects, students are trained in the proper use of both the laser cutter and UV printer. The course explores the theoretical implications of this technology and situates it within the context of contemporary art and design practices. Through slide presentations, readings, and class discussions, students are encouraged to think critically about the role of digital tools in contemporary art and design and in their own practices. Students develop hybrid approaches; incorporating both "traditional" and "new" processes. Class projects encourage experimentation, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaboration as well as provide opportunities for individual exploration.

Major elective, Graphic Design majors only. Offered as IDISC-3179 for non-majors.
Lab fee: $